Current Research on Developmental Assets

In the past 25 years as part of its positive youth development research, Search Institute has surveyed about 6 million young people in the United States and around the world to understand:

  • How young people experience Developmental Assets
  • Variations in those experiences for different groups of young people
  • How experiences of assets relate to key outcomes, including both high-risk behaviors and thriving

The primary tools for measuring assets are the Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) survey, and the Developmental Assets Profile (DAP). These surveys are used by schools, organizations, coalitions, and programs that seek to understand their young people’s lives through their strengths, supports, and resources.

Search Institute periodically compiles the results to create snapshots of Developmental Assets among young people in the United States. Although these samples are not nationally representative, they provide insights into young people’s strengths and challenges through the lens of Developmental Assets.


Developmental Assets Research