Bring a Workshop to You

Our on-site, professional development workshops feature Search Institute facilitators who lead workshops online or travel to your organization to bring you a tailored learning experience.

Workshops to Fit Your Needs

Our workshops are based on Search Institute’s research-based developmental relationships or Developmental Assets® frameworks. These social emotional (SEL) focused workshops are a half-day or a full day in duration, although we can adapt these to work with your own unique needs. The sponsoring organization generally hosts the event at its facility. Here are our current on-site on online workshop offerings:

Building Developmental Assets in School Communities
This interactive, motivating workshop will empower educators and school staff to build a strong, positive school environment using Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets®.

Developmental Assets: The Power of One, The Power of Many
This highly motivating, interactive workshop explores the positive paths anyone can take to increase the number of Assets in the lives of children and youth.

Engaging Families: A Relationships-Centered Approach [Onsite or Online]
This workshop supports, empowers, and engages families to help youth thrive by identifying and celebrating their strengths. It builds on Search Institute’s research that identifies critical strengths that are relevant to all families, regardless of culture, income, or structure.

Essentials of Asset Building for Trainers and Facilitators
Developmental Assets® are a set of 40 research-based strengths and supports that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. This workshop is an energizing two-day training that prepares facilitators and trainers to lead workshops that introduce assets to their community.

Getting Relationships Right
Getting Relationships Right lays the foundation for youth-serving organizations and schools to introduce and begin implementation of Search Institute’s Developmental Relationship framework. You’ll leave with a personalized plan to implement and teach strategies of building developmental relationships with co-workers and staff in your school or youth organization.

Harnessing the Power of the Faith Community
This workshop is based on Search Institute’s research on the role of the faith communities in youth development. It introduces the Developmental Assets® Framework to strengthen youth programming, energize work with families, and build bridges to youth-serving efforts across the community.

Igniting Sparks
Sparks are hidden flames inside every young person that tap into their true passions, talents, skills, and dreams. In the Igniting Sparks workshop, participants will learn the research-based approach to helping youth discover their sparks in order to be and become their best selves.

Intentional Relationships Workshop[Onsite or Online]
Educational success and social-emotional development blossom when caring adults and supportive peers are present in young people’s lives. This workshop helps participants learn to intentionally build developmental relationships with young people to powerfully benefit youth learning and development.

Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships [Onsite or Online]
This interactive workshop helps middle school parents and youth prepare for the changes they will be facing as kids enter into the teen years. Keep Connected helps schools and middle school youth programs work with families to engage them to build strong relationships.

Strengthening Family Relationships: A Workshop for Parenting Adults [Onsite or Online]
How relationships form and develop in families have a tremendous influence on how young people develop. Based on research on America’s diverse families, this parenting workshop introduces a framework that strengthens family relationships as kids transition into their teen years.

What’s Up with Our Kids? Understanding Your Survey Results
If you’ve administered a Search Institute survey, this highly engaging youth asset data workshop is for you. The facilitator will present your survey results in an understandable way and guide stakeholders on how to take the next steps.

Youth Lead: A Youth Leadership Workshop for Young People [Onsite or Online]
This workshop is a youth leadership program for middle and high school students. It cultivates young people’s leadership skills through strength-based Developmental Asset® and developmental relationship development. Teens will learn to use their energy and imagination to solve problems and learn to create positive change in their school and community.

The cost of attending or sponsoring a Search Institute workshop varies, depending upon the location, the length, and the facilitator. For more information, fill in our workshop information request form.

Create a Customized Workshop

A customized Professional development workshop can be tailored to your specific needs or situation. The cost of attending or sponsoring a Search Institute workshop varies, depending upon the location, the length, and the facilitator.

To discuss a workshop, please click below. A Search Institute representative will contact you. Or for more information, visit the on-site workshop FAQ page or send us an email.