On-Site Getting Relationships Right Workshop

Getting Relationships Right lays the foundation for youth-serving organizations to introduce and begin implementation of Search Institute’s Developmental Relationship framework. You’ll leave with a personalized plan to implement and share strategies that build developmental relationships with co-workers and staff in your school or youth organization.

Focusing on building developmental relationships will change the climate of your school or organization. It will remove the barriers to building relationships with young people. You will be able to be more intentional and inclusive in building developmental relationships.

Who should attend

  • Leaders from schools, youth programs and other youth-serving organizations
  • Educators
  • Mentors
  • Youth leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Faith-based organizations


In this Workshop, You’ll Learn

  • What research from multiple disciplines tells us about the role of relationships in young people’s lives
  • Outcomes of two important experimental studies involving relationships
  • The role that relationships played in your own development
  • The Developmental Relationships Framework and the research behind it
  • Outcomes connected to the Developmental Relationships Framework
  • Ways that young people in the United States today experience the relational actions outlined in the framework
  • Evaluate the degree to which the schools or organizations they work in operationalize relationships
  • Obstacles to relationships in your organizations
  • Priorities for strengthening relationships in your schools, affiliates or organizations
  • Reflect on your personal practice with young people and identify strengths and areas for growth
  • How to develop a plan for building on strengths and improving practice in one or more areas of the Developmental Relationships Framework
  • How to develop plans to work with one or more colleagues to provide support and accountability as you implement your plan

Format Options

2-day workshop


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