Developmental Asset-Building Tools and Resources

Search Institute offers a wide range of Developmental Asset-building tools and resources to support leaders in schools, organizations, and community organizations. These tools help them understand and take action based on the Developmental Assets framework. Below are some key surveys, workshops, and publications, with additional tools being available in our store.


The Attitudes & Behaviors (A&B) Survey

This in-depth, online survey of development assets has been used with more than 5 million young people across the United States. In addition to measuring each of the 40 assets, it also measures high-risk behaviors and thriving indicators. Because it includes the Four Core Measures required of Drug Free Communities grantees It is used by prevention coalitions as a measure of protective factors and ATOD use patterns. (Suitable for youth in grades 6-12.)

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The Developmental Assets Profile (DAP)

This simple but versatile online survey provides a snapshot of the eight categories of Developmental Assets as well as five contexts for development. It has been adapted into multiple languages internationally and may be used as a pre-post assessment tool. (Suitable for youth in grades 4-12.)

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The Youth and Program Strengths (YAPS) survey

This survey includes the DAP (above) as well as measures of program quality for out-of-school-time programs.

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For more information about surveys, view our survey section or contact us.



For Leaders and Trainers who Want to Use Developmental Assets


Essentials of Asset Building for Trainers and Facilitators  Participants leave this two-day workshop ready to equip and support individuals, organizations, institutions and their entire communities in building Developmental Assets.


For Everyone in an Organization or Community


Everyone’s an Asset Builder The workshop examines the power of individuals in shaping the lives of youth and the central role of relationships in building the Developmental Assets that all young people need.

What’s Up with Our Kids? This workshop is for organizations that have administered a Search Institute student survey. A Search Institute expert shares the survey results and helps participants use data to animate action.


For Young People


Youth Lead Middle and high school students will be empowered to see themselves as leaders, recognize the leadership skills that they have and could develop, and use those skills to improve their schools, programs, and communities.


For Teachers and School Leaders

Building Developmental Assets in School Communities This workshop empowers educators to initiate, increase, and strengthen the asset-building efforts that already exist in their school.


For Youth Program Staff and Leaders

Improving Quality in Out of School Time ProgramsThis interactive workshop helps participants understand what’s working in their programs and what improvements can be made.


For Faith Community Leaders


Harnessing the Power of the Faith Community This workshop explores how churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other religious institutions can strengthen youth programs, energize work with families, harness the power of individuals, and build bridges to youth-serving efforts across the community based on the asset framework.

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