Stories of Our Impact

Many schools and youth-serving organizations have worked with Search Institute’s tools, research, and resources to give testimonials to the positive change in the lives of young people. Here are their stories.

The Georgetown Project

Through the Georgetown Project’s programs, including their After School Action Program and the NEST, Search Institute is making a mark on the lives of young people.

Pine River-Backus Schools

At Pine River-Backus Schools, the REACH program has been a way for staff to improve relationships with students and help them explore their true potential while becoming thriving adults.


Project Cornerstone

Through school partnerships and an emphasis on developing positive relationships, Project Cornerstone helps youth in the Silicon Valley become catalysts of change within their schools and communities, and develop healthy relationships with peers.

Toberman Neighborhood Center

Search Institute’s has made a difference in the community of San Pedro, CA, through programs such as Keep Connected.

Youth in Action

Search Institute has made their research easily understood and applicable across cultural boundaries. Read about how the Developmental Assets Profile was used in Egypt, Malawi, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Uganda.