Community Coalitions

Strengthen youth through coordinated community supports and research-based resources.

When Communitites Unite

A “village” of support and opportunity is sometimes needed to ensure the success of all youth in a community. Whether the challenges are academic success, prevention of substance use or college and career readiness, Search Institute has conducted research ensuring that the voices, strengths, and needs of young people from marginalized communities are emphasized.

Our resources will assist your coalition in developing and implementing action plans with aligned expectations and measurable goals.


Our foundational workshops are based on your coalition’s area of focus. These lay the foundation for shared goals, and an understanding of research principles and effective practices for youth success.

Surveys & Focus Groups

Data collection, via focus groups and/or surveys and data analysis and exploration, provide coalitions an understanding of the current community landscape prior to action planning.

Planning and Implementation Support

Search Institute has consultative onsite and remote support to develop, implement, track and improve the performance of coalition action plans.

Download Relationships First, an informative and actionable publication based on our new developmental relationship research.