Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey

The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey gives a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of your adolescent youth in your school, program, or community. It emphasizes the strengths and supports they currently have and need, and how those positive indicators protect against youth risk behavior.


The Attitudes & Behaviors Survey is a reliable and valid assessment of the strengths, supports, and social-emotional factors essential for young people’s success in school and life. This widely used survey grows out of more than 20 years of research with millions of young people based on Search Institute’s framework of Developmental Assets.

By using this survey, you will:

  • Discover the strengths and supports that young people have
  • Hear the perspective of young people themselves
  • Learn about risk behaviors and thriving indicators that are impacting your youth
  • Gain a roadmap to guide you in proactive and focused planning to increase success in school and in life
  • Enable adults to better understand the youth voice in their community and create actionable strategies in all sectors

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey measures:

40 Developmental Assets, which look at external supports and internal strengths

24 youth risk behavior elements (e.g., substance use, sexual activity, antisocial behavior)

10 high-risk behavior patterns

Key social and emotional skills

8 thriving indicators (succeeds in school, helps others, values diversity, maintains good health, exhibits leadership, resists danger, delays gratification, overcomes adversity)

5 developmental deficits (alone at home, TV overexposure, physical abuse, victim of violence, drinking parties)


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Survey Purpose

The Attitudes and Behavior survey is intended to provide data so you can develop asset-building strategies and create positive visions and actions for youth. It has become a catalyst for thousands of communities, schools, programs, to enhance the well being of young people.

In addition, the Attitudes and Behaviors survey also has been used to:

Assist state and local educators in monitoring indicators related to student well-being

Set priorities and strategies for programs and services

Provide a common framework for cross-sector collaboration

Provide data for grant writing

Provide data for reports to funding agencies

Provide a “youth voice” in organizational and community planning

Read about how the A&B survey has helped transform one California community.


Survey Details

Recommended Users: Communities, Schools, Coalitions, Community Initiatives, Municipalities, Public Health Organizations, Prevention Organizations

Grades: 6-12

Validated as a pre- and post-measure to measure change over time? No (Primarily used to monitor trends)

Minimum youth needed for report: 50

Number of items on survey: 160 questions

Administered: Online

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Always included:

  • Assessments for each participating youth
  • Thorough user guide for planning your survey administration
  • In-depth aggregate reports to guide your data utilization


Optionally Included:

  • Aggregate report(s) of multiple sites
  • Data planning consult on-site or via phone
  • Data presentation
  • Professional Development workshops
  • Sub-reports based on a specific cohort of youth, determined by you
  • Raw data
  • Technical Assistance, Consulting, Workshops, or Presentations
  • Related print publications



  • Site report $400 (each site report includes up to 100 surveys)
  • Aggregate report of multiple sites – $400 (does not include surveys)
  • Each additional survey (beyond the included 100) $3.50

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