Create a school environment where students are motivated to thrive and succeed.


Your school plays a critical role in building not only students’ academic skills, but also the social and emotional skills that are essential for lifelong success. Developmental relationships between students and teachers help increase student motivation even in the most challenged and unmotivated students. It helps them believe in themselves and work towards achieving their potential.

Search Institute offers a range of research, tools, and resources to create school and classroom environments where all of your students can succeed.

Read about how a Minnesota school applied Search Institute research to increase student motivation in the classroom.

Professional Development for Schools


Strengthening Student Motivation Workshop

This two-day workshop for school staff on building student motivation based on the REACH framework (Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, Heart).

REACH On-Site Professional Development

Search Institute offers component-based two to three hour workshops at your school site. These modules can be combined for a custom personal development session that fits the needs of your program.


Surveys for Schools

Youth self-report surveys give you the tools to build a stronger school and measure the important social and emotional development of your students. 

REACH Survey

Captures youth voice of middle and high school students on relationships with teachers and their personal levels of student motivation.

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Developmental Assets Survey

Developmental Assets are the Captures youth voice of 4th – 12th graders on their strengths and the supports in their life.

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Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey gives a snapshot of the current experiences and perspectives of your adolescent youth in your school. It emphasizes the strengths and supports they currently have and need, and how those positive indicators protect against youth risk behavior.

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Survey Consulting

  • Data Consultation
  • Remote phone or video conference exploration and examination of survey results with a Search staff member.
  • Implementation Support
  • Onsite and/or remote support
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