march for our lives

On Saturday, March 24, thousands of young people will gather in Washington, DC, and other cities across the country and around the world for the March for Our Lives demonstration to end gun violence in our communities and schools. Many educators and youth development leaders are thrilled that young people are “finding their voice” on a […]

Almost a century ago, the Lebanese American poet Kahlil Gibran wrote: Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. (The Prophet, 1923) Gibran’s words capture perhaps […]

A few weeks ago, I led a workshop on family engagement for prevention specialists. I asked them what makes engaging families challenging. Here are some typical responses: Families are busy. The cycles of dysfunction in so many families. Every family is different. It’s hard to access families. Families don’t want help. Finding transportation to participate […]

By Gene Roehlkepartain, Ph.D. Vice President, Research and Development Search Institute In the past, moms, dads, and other parenting adults could focus on ensuring that kids were spending their time in safe, healthy, and supportive places in their homes and neighborhoods. But today’s young people live in a world where digital media—websites, social media, cell […]

When it comes to nurturing young people, we struggle individually and collectively with two competing goals, which we don’t often talk about at the same time: Protect them from harm. Empower them to have a voice, lead, and discover themselves and the world. These sometimes-conflicting themes shaped much of the conversation at an international conference […]

By: Gene Roehlkepartain, Ph.D. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by many caring adults in addition to my parents. Though we lived far from our extended biological family, I can think of a number of friends and neighbors we called our “uncles” and “aunts.” Uncle Keith, who taught my friends and me to work […]

By: Dr. Gene Roehlkepartain As the United States remembers the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., there will be many conversations about what he did and what it took to mobilize the nation in the Civil Rights Movement. Some of those conversations will highlight the power of a community to bring about change for the […]