REACH Workshop Series


The REACH Process: A Workshop Series

October 4-6, 2016

With ​The ​REACH ​Process ​Workshop ​Series, ​you ​will ​gain ​insight ​into ​middle ​and ​high ​school ​students’ ​character ​strengths ​that ​are ​essential ​for ​motivating ​them ​to ​become ​self-propelled ​young ​adults. ​The ​REACH ​Process ​helps ​schools ​measure ​student ​motivation ​and ​put ​in ​place ​research-based ​strategies ​for ​strengthening ​it. Learn More >>

Developmental Relationships

The Developmental Relationships Framework

Since 2013, the Developmental Relationships Framework has been the basis of several quantitative and qualitative studies at Search Institute. It has also been shared with thousands of practitioners and parents across the country for feedback. These efforts have led to an updated framework, which can be downloaded here >>