REACH Workshop Series


The REACH Process: A Workshop Series

October 4-6, 2016

With ​The ​REACH ​Process ​Workshop ​Series, ​you ​will ​gain ​insight ​into ​middle ​and ​high ​school ​students’ ​character ​strengths ​that ​are ​essential ​for ​motivating ​them ​to ​become ​self-propelled ​young ​adults. ​The ​REACH ​Process ​helps ​schools ​measure ​student ​motivation ​and ​put ​in ​place ​research-based ​strategies ​for ​strengthening ​it. Learn More >>

the REACH Framework

Solving America’s Crisis of Academic Motivation

In this Huffington Post Education blog, President and CEO Dr. Kent Pekel describes why Search Institute created REACH—a new framework for strengthening students' desire to work hard in school—and goes into more detail about each of the five components of REACH: Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, and Heart. Read More >>