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The Power of Relationships

40% of young people today report feeling lonely. If we say relationships really matter, how do we make them a priority for all young people to experience? Search Institute is committed to exploring this question with our colleagues and partners. Watch to find out what we’ve learned so far and the powerful impact relationships can have in the lives of youth.

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Register for the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships

Strengthen family relationships in your community by attending the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships, in Minneapolis, MN December 6-8!
This institute includes

  • A 2-½ day workshop to train a team of 2 or more facilitators to bring the Keep Connected family engagement program to your location
  • Full curriculum for Keep Connected 
  • A 2-year subscription to research and curriculum updates
  • An online implementation toolkit with curriculum downloads, planning guides, videos and promotional tools
  • Continuing Education Units available

Location: Mall of America, close to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Registration through November 27!

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Relationships First: Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive

"After decades of forming hypotheses, conducting surveys, crafting and rewriting definitions, analyzing data, and writing journal articles, Search Institute researchers and practitioners have arrived at a surprisingly simple conclusion: nothing—nothing—has more impact in the life of a child than positive relationships."        

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