Stressful times strain relationships. How are you doing?

During this time of social distancing, it can be harder to stay meaningfully connected with the young people in our lives. Yet our relationships are vital to their wellbeing and thriving. Relationships are the source of nourishment and resilience for all young people in many different circumstances and from many different backgrounds.

But when we have great relationships, some areas are stronger (and come easier) than others. And they can become strained when they are disrupted or in times of stress or crisis . . .

Like in a global health pandemic.

Whether you’re someone who works with young people and now connects only through technology, a parent or guardian sheltering at home, or an essential worker trying to care for children and keep your job, you’ve likely experienced significant disruptions and strains in your relationships with young people during this challenging period.


It’s time for a relationships check-up

So it’s time for a relationships check-up. Complete this quick Relationships Check to see where your relationships with important young people in your life are particularly strong and where they can grow. You’ll receive actionable approaches and activities to strengthen relationships with young people. Thousands have taken the quiz. Have you?

A note about this tool: The Relationships Check is a tool for self-reflection and conversation among peers and within families. It was not designed for—and has not been tested for—formal assessment, testing, or diagnostic purposes.

What happens to your information?

Your responses are safe. Search Institute does not collect or store any personal information about you as part of completing this Relationships Check. We’ll aggregate anonymous data from all the responses, but we will not be able to trace individual responses to specific people.

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Funding to make the Relationships Check available on the Web has been provided by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. 

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