You know student motivation is important. Here's where to start.

Studies have shown that between 40 and 60% of U.S. high school students are disengaged from learning and don't put much effort into school (National Research Council, 2004). In fact, an extensive review of the scholarly literature recently concluded this: 

Children’s interest, enthusiasm, and intrinsic motivation for learning in school deteriorate continuously from their entry into kindergarten until they complete high school (or drop out).” (Skinner et al, 2012). 

This crisis of academic motivation has not escaped the notice of teachers, 69% of whom reported on a recent national survey that low motivation is a major problem in their classrooms (Yeager et al, 2014). 

To help educators understand and implement the conclusions that scholars have reached through decades of studies, Search Institute has created the REACH System, which breaks the task of strengthening student motivation down into five essential strategies:

  • Building developmental Relationships with and among students
  • Helping students understand how Effort can increase intelligence 
  • Connecting students' current actions to their future Aspirations 
  • Teaching students about the role of Cognition in delaying gratification and managing learning
  • Ensuring that students know and are known for the deep interests and values in their Hearts

June 26  2018

Minneapolis, MN

Motivating Students through Relationships 

An Introduction to REACH Research and Resources

We get it. You don't need another thing to fit into your day. That's why we have designed REACH to integrate with what you're already doing in your classrooms.

Our new Motivating Students through Relationships workshop introduces educators to Search Institute's REACH system.

This introductory workshop prepares educators to use the tools, developmental research, and implementation approaches of the REACH Framework to build student motivation through effective relationships.

Motivating Students through Relationships 

An Introduction to REACH Research and Resources

O N E - D A Y  I N T R O D U C T O R Y  W O R K S H O P

See the Impact of REACH in Wayzata East Middle School:

This introductory workshop gives educators an introduction to the tools and approaches of the REACH System to build young people’s social-emotional strengths. The following topics are included:

  • Within the wide world of social-emotional learning (SEL), why Search Institute focuses on student motivation and how our work with developmental relationships connects to motivation
  • How best to administer SEL in schools and what the experts say
  • What is REACH the research behind REACH and how it strengthens student motivation
  • Key factors to young people's motivation, plus how Search Institute's work with Developmental Relationships intersects with building and maintaining academic motivation
  • Resources - Instructional, measurement, and implementation resources that can help schools be more strategic about building relationships and academic motivation--this exploration period includes interactive opportunities to learn more about the REACH Guidebook, the REACH Survey, and using REACH to transform practices school-wide
  • ASSESS: Consider implementation basics and assess your school's readiness for a practice-transformational approach to improving SEL at your site

What's You'll Learn in this Workshop

Register for the workshop:

DATE: June 26, 2018

LOCATION: 3001 Broadway Street NE, Lower Level Conference Room D, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Daily Schedule: 

8:00-8:30 AM Breakfast and Registration

8:30 AM Workshop Start Time

12:00 Lunch

4:30 PM Workshop End Time 

Regular Price: $295 

Registration open through June 15, 2018

Early Bird Rate: $250 through May 25, 2018

Workshop fee includes:

Workshop materials

Breakfast & lunch 

Refreshments & Snacks

CEU’s Provided (6 clock hours)

For ​more ​information, ​contact ​Mary ​Shrader ​or ​call ​800-888-7828 Ext 526

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Would you like to see a REACH workshop closer to you? We are now scheduling regional workshops across the country. Contact us at if you'd like us to consider holding a workshop in your region.

What educators say about REACH:

The workshop is designed for:


• Middle and high school principals

• Superintendents

• Curriculum directors

• Testing directors

• Middle and high school teachers

• Middle and high school counselors

• Parent teacher organizations

• Education related non-profit organizations

Wondering if this workshop is right for you?

About our Presenter

Eric Kalenze

Director of Education Solutions

Search Institute

Eric Kalenze’s career in education has included posts in teaching, coaching, administration and consulting. Building upon ten years as a high-school English teacher, Eric Kalenze’s career in education has included posts in administration and consulting. He is the author of the 2014 book Education Is Upside-Down: Reframing Reform to Focus on the Right Problems and he regularly contributes pieces about education practice, research, and reform to publications like Education Week, Education Post, The Hechinger Report, and TES US, as well as to his blog, ‘A Total Ed Case’.

He holds a B.A. in English from Carleton College and a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota, and he lives in Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro area with his wife, two daughters and one Puggle.

“In 18 years I haven’t come across a philosophy that is to me more applicable to our school. It will be accepted and embraced by our staff because it fits so well. It gives to us a common language and a way to articulate the philosophy we’re trying to use to foster independent thinking, achieving young people.”

Kathryn Robinson, Psychologist, 

Eagan High School, Minnesota

“They break it into small chunks but more importantly you give us very applicable strategies in using this research.” 

Alan Reeder, Deputy Superintendent, Lyon County School District, Nevada

“This has by far been the most beneficial workshop I’ve been to. The topics are explained in several different ways. I also like that we’re able to try the anchor activities ourselves and that we have the Guidebook to fall back on.”

Lisa Thom, 

Guidance Counselor, Grantsburg School district, Wisconsin

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