Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Friend: How Every Adult Can Change Kids’ Lives

This inexpensive, conversational book reveals the importance of high-quality relationships in the life of a young person. Every adult has the power to make a difference in young lives.

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A wonderful gift for those who guide and inspire you, your colleagues, and young people in their daily lives.

“If you breathe, you’re on the team.” That was Peter Benson’s motto, and for good reason: research shows that positive relationships with adults are one of the most important factors in a young person’s development. Yet adults aren’t always sure what kinds of efforts will make a difference. Here Dr. Benson details the daily actions that have lasting significance for kids:

  • Use 30-second encounters to offer compliments and recognition.
  • Ask meaningful questions that lead to deeper conversations.
  • Leave a lasting impact when you identify the things that matter most to kids.

Parent, Teacher, Mentor, Friend is a call to action, inviting every adult to be an advocate for children and teenagers. When we take simple steps to offer this support to kids, we all have the capacity to raise happier, healthier, and more successful youth.

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Peter Benson, Ph.D.