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Your donation of any amount can help Search Institute continue to prepare young people for success in life.

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If you would rather donate via personal check or money order, please make contributions payable to Search Institute.
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Search Institute/Attn: Donations, 3001 Broadway St NE, Suite 310, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Why Donate to Search Institute?

At Search Institute, we depend on your purchases, grant dollars, and charitable donations to help us discover what kids need to succeed. There are thousands of nonprofit organizations seeking your donations„. Why choose Search Institute?

Search Institute is a non-profit organization that bridges research and practice to help young people be and become their best selves. Through the support of grant dollars, purchases and charitable donations, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of countless youth. Here is some of what we do:

  • Search Institute understands what kids need to thrive. Through our work on student motivation, to sparks, developmental assets, and our newest work—developmental relationships, we know that success requires mastery of social and emotional skills. Through research instruments and initiatives, Search Institute is putting the research into methods that can be applied in schools, out-of-school programs, family programs and community coalitions.
  • We care about all kids, everywhere. Our research, tools, and resources help young people everywhere–from the marginalized youth in your community to young people in rural African nations.
  • We work to ensure young people are receiving the strengths and supports they need both inside and outside of school.  At Search Institute, we know that kids spend only 15% of their lives at school. So we study and work with youth programs, families and communities to increase success both in school and in life.
  • Search InstituteÍs work is backed by good research. We conduct top-notch scholarly research, but research is no help unless it’s applied to the lives of young people. So we use that research to create tangible tools and strategies for people who work directly with young people.

Regardless of your reason for supporting our work, we appreciate it very much. Thank you!

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