developmental relationships survey 3

By Mackenzie Steinberg, Research and Development Communications VISTA at Search Institute   Through our Measuring What Matters project*, with support from the WEM Foundation, we are seeking to create valid and reliable measures of Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework and social emotional learning (SEL) assessment. This will give adults who work with young people actionable […]

youth lead

By Mackenzie Steinberg, Research and Development Communications VISTA at Search Institute At the time of our conversation, Rhoda Leos and Meredith Howe were knee deep into working at the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District on Project Worth. Project Worth is a program within the Health District that focuses on positive youth development and […]

LGBTQ youth

By Mackenzie Steinberg, Research and Development Communications VISTA at Search Institute   It’s safe to say that middle school and high school can be some of the best and worst years of our lives. For some, it depends on what classes you’re taking, what activities you’re in, how many friends you have, or what your […]

equity in developmental relationships

By Jenna Sethi, Search Institute Research Scientist How can developmental relationships advance racial and socioeconomic equity among young people? That is a critical question for the 2020s in a society burdened by deep and growing inequities. The gaps that reinforce historical marginalization and discrimination are experienced far too often by our young people across the […]

City Year

By Eliel Gebru, Research Associate at Search Institute A few weeks ago, I was driving with a friend to a location that confused our trusted GPS. Our blue dot was dancing all over the screen. After we got there, my friend asked, “What did we do before Google Maps? Can you imagine living without it?” […]

developmental relationships in Guatemala

By Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., Eliel Gebru, and Maura Shramko, Ph.D. Search Institute has almost 15 years of experience measuring Developmental Assets® in more than 30 countries around the world. However, we haven’t had the opportunity to explore whether and how our work on developmental relationships might resonate in contexts and cultures beyond the United […]

youth sports

By Peter C. Scales, Ph.D. Being both a positive youth development researcher and a high school tennis coach, I was especially interested in–frustrated with–a recent youth sports story that makes most of us shake our heads in disbelief. If what we’re trying to do in relationships with young people is to help them discover who […]

By Mackenzie Steinberg, Research and Development Communications VISTA, Search Institute One of the reasons I decided to apply to be an AmeriCorps VISTA member at Search Institute is its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here at Search Institute, our vision is that all young people have what they need to thrive. All young people. […]

by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, PhD It’s almost a throwaway line to say, “It’s all about relationships.” We use it to sell cars, computers, and coffee. We train doctors and nurses to work on their bedside manners. We script call center operators to make sure even unhappy customers “have a nice day.” Teachers attend in-service workshops […]

halloween tips

Halloween provides a great opportunity to build developmental relationships with your own children and kids that live nearby. Here are a few halloween tips to help build those important relationships: