Relationships are too important to leave to chance. Search Institute’s newest research-to-practice initiative focuses on studying and strengthening the developmental relationships that help young people succeed. A developmental relationship is a close connection between a young person and an adult or between a young person and a peer that positively shapes the young person’s identity […]

A community can’t reduce youth substance abuse if parents don’t see it as a problem.  That was the issue faced by Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Kelly Felton in northern Minnesota. Ms. Felton and her colleagues in the Working Together Coalition (WTC) use the 40 Developmental Assets® as a nonjudgmental model to educate parents and other […]

Whether you are a new or experienced mentor to young people, you know that it takes time to develop a bond of trust. Gail Manza and Susan K. Patrick, authors of The Mentor’s Field Guide: Answers You Need to Help Kids Succeed, say some young people require more time than others to begin trusting a […]

The rewards of mentoring relationships are immeasurable. Like all relationships, the bonds formed while mentoring youth are subject to change and growth. Most mentoring relationships go through predictable stages, according authors Gail Manza and Susan K. Patrick. In their book, The Mentor’s Field Guide, Ms. Manza and Ms. Patrick spell out the six stages in […]

By: Dr. Gene Roehlkepartain As the United States remembers the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., there will be many conversations about what he did and what it took to mobilize the nation in the Civil Rights Movement. Some of those conversations will highlight the power of a community to bring about change for the […]

By Dr. Kent Pekel, President & CEO of Search Institute The 2013-14 school year is well underway, and teachers across America are engaged in writing report cards to document their students’ progress. By June, our nation’s elementary and secondary schools will have cumulatively issued more than 100 million of those report cards, each of which […]

Over the years, Search Institute has sold more than six million copies of 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care, a simple yet powerful poster. Like all of Search Institute’s work, the poster translates scientific research into simple, actionable ways that adults can make a positive difference in young people’s lives.  A Search Institute team […]

A big emphasis is placed on a child’s intelligence. Despite our interest in how “smart” a child might be, we also know that intelligence does not always ensure success in school and life. Numerous personal, social, family, and economic factors contribute to how well a child does over the span of a lifetime. French psychologist […]

By: Becky Post A friend of mine had taught kindergarten for years. I remember her talking about the parents of one particularly disruptive little boy. At a parent conference, the parents were barely concerned with their son’s behavior. To this teacher’s dismay, what really concerned these parents was, Is my child smart? These particular parents […]

By: Kent Pekel In the days since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial and especially following President Obama’s slow and deliberate description of how the most powerful man in the world was once followed in stores and heard car locks clicking as he walked across streets because of his race, I have thought often […]