Getting Relationships Right

A workshop for leaders of secondary schools and programs

who want to create an environment where all young people learn to be and become their best selves.

Returning in the Summer of 2021

Why kids need relationships to be "right." The research. 

Research being conducted at Search Institute is demonstrating that when young people experience relationships with adults that are characterized by five essential elements, their outcomes are significantly better in a wide range of areas – from mastering social and emotional skills to succeeding in school. Studies also show that risk behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and fighting are decreased.

Getting Relationships Right will put you on the path to creating a relationship-rich environment that will enable all young people to thrive.

What will Getting Relationships Right help me do? 

The workshop prepares participants to return to their schools and programs to lead professional development and organizational improvement sessions to help staff build developmental relationships. Leaders will leave the workshop with:


We'll give you detailed instructions for professional development that helps staff strengthen relationships.




You'll be provided with PowerPoint presentations that facilitators can use to guide staff through professional development and organizational improvement sessions. The PowerPoint presentations all feature detailed notes that help facilitators inform and engage participants in the content of the module.

You'll receive The Leader's Guide to Getting Relationships Right, which provides comprehensive instructions for facilitating professional development and organizational improvement sessions. These sessions are focused on helping staff build more developmental relationships with young people.

You'll get The Developmental Relationships Youth Activities Book, which includes thirty structured activities for building developmental relationships with and among young people.


"This training is completely applicable to my organization and definitely needed!"

December 2018 GRR Attendee

"Strong facilitation - strong planning - great resources - mostly based on adult learning - gives choice and engagement. Thank you for not lecturing. Loved that we were asked to facilitate and apply." 

December 2018 GRR Attendee

Listen to what other attendees have said:

Is it REALLY worth my time?

Yes! Studies that scholars at Search Institute and elsewhere are conducting are showing that relationships are the “active ingredient” – like fluoride in toothpaste – in schools and programs that succeed with all young people. That is why if you don’t get relationships right, you are unlikely to achieve the outcomes you seek and your young people deserve.

Who should attend?

Teams of two or more people from secondary schools, youth programs, and other organizations that serve young people should attend. While teams can be comprised of people who play many different roles, at least one member of the team should be a leader who has responsibility for the professional development of staff or other important aspects of organizational improvement.  

Download theGetting Relationships RightFact Sheet

If you don’t get relationships right, you are unlikely to achieve the outcomes you seek and your young people deserve. 

Registration and Pricing


GETTING RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to be scheduling workshops again in the Fall of 2021, and we would love for you to be a part of them! 

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PLEASE READ: Getting Relationships Right Acceptable Use Policy

Getting Relationships Right is a collection of resources for professional development and organizational improvement that enable leaders of youth programs, secondary schools, and other youth-serving organizations to strengthen the relationships they build with young people. The content of Getting Relationships Right is based upon the applied research that Search Institute is now conducting to understand and strengthen the role of developmental relationships in the lives of all young people, notably including those who are growing up in marginalized communities and who face barriers to success such as poverty, racism, and discrimination. 

Please download and review the rest of the Getting Relationships Right Acceptable Use Policy here:

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