Search Institute’s current research-to-practice initiative focuses on studying and strengthening the developmental relationships that help young people succeed. The initiative began in 2013 with the creation of the Developmental Relationships Framework, which has since been the basis of several quantitative and qualitative studies.

These studies have found that sharing power is the area most strongly associated with multiple positive outcomes. Sharing power involves specific actions such as showing mutual respect, giving young people a voice in decisions, collaborating in solving problems, and creating leadership opportunities for young people.

Here are 11 ideas from our Give Me A Guitar poster that you can use to begin sharing power with the young people in your life.

  1. Give me a voice and vote on your committee.
  2. Let me choose the recipe, shop for ingredients, and make the dish.
  3. Solicit my views on controversial issues.
  4. Make me the coach, not just an athlete.
  5. Publish my opinion piece.
  6. Let me plan the agenda and run the meeting.
  7. Ask for my advice, and take it seriously.
  8. Put me in charge of decorations for your group’s event.
  9. Hire me to referee a game.
  10. Ask me thoughtful questions and listen when I speak.
  11. Involve me in decisions that affect my life.

Give Me a Guitar Poster

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