One of Search Institute’s current research-to-practice initiatives focuses on studying and strengthening the developmental relationships that help young people succeed. Developmental relationships are close connections through which young people develop the character strengths they need to grow up successfully.

We are finding that expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, sharing power and expanding possibilities are five elements that are associated with multiple character strengths, including motivation to learn and personal responsibility.

Here are 10 ideas from our Raising Kids with Care poster that you can use to build developmental relationships in your family.

  1. Listen to your child without always giving advice or opinions.
  2. Ask for your child’s opinion.
  3. Admit your mistakes and explain how you learn from them.
  4. Attend parent-teacher conferences and other school events.
  5. Set clear boundaries and expectations for your children.
  6. Talk to your children the way you want them to talk to you.
  7. Ask other caring adults to spend time with your child.
  8. Ask your kids to help with planning a party or other event.
  9. Compliment your kids on the good things they do.
  10. Do volunteer work with your kids.

Raising Kids with Care Poster

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