Information for Current Users of the Paper Attitudes & Behaviors Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address that I should I ship my completed surveys to?
Please ship the surveys to:

    Search Institute
    Survey Services
    615 First Avenue NE, Suite 125
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

What forms should I include with my shipment of the completed surveys?
Please include a copy of the Administrator Form as well as a Top Sheet in each box. Having these forms included and completed accurately will ensure a speedy arrival of the final reports.

What is the return policy for survey packs we did not use?
As long as they are unopened, they can be returned to Search Institute for a credit minus a $25 restocking fee. They can also be saved and used in future survey administrations.

What is the minimum number of youth for a report to be generated?
We require a minimum of 50 youth to be able to analyze the data and create a report. Larger samples can help combat statistical inconsistencies and ensure that a representative sample of the population is surveyed. Some data fields may be suppressed or merged if there are not enough youth.

How long until I receive my report?
Typically allow four weeks from the date that we have received the physical copies of your surveys.

What are some examples of commonly requested sub-reports?
Typically sub-reports are produced when there are multiple schools, programs, organizations, or communities participating. In that case, each participating entity will receive a report on only their youth as well as an aggregate report that includes all youth (school district as an example). Another common sub-report is based on a cohort of a specific demographic, such as only female 6th graders or all Hispanic youth.

Can I order sub-reports after I’ve already returned the completed surveys?
Yes, as long as you mention to Search Institute that this may occur in the future and the surveys are shipped in a manner in which each batch is easily recognizable.

Can I get individually identified data?
No, individual identifiers are not something that we can use due to the nature of some of the questions on the survey instrument. It is important to guarantee anonymity in order to ensure confidence in the survey data. We can provide raw data on an individual level, but we cannot place an identifier on each youth; therefore, survey responses cannot be directly attributed back to a specific individual.

Can I order more surveys?
Please download and submit the order form below with a copy of your purchase order or credit card number. If your organization does not use a purchase order system, a memo on your organization's letterhead acknowledging responsibility for the cost of the survey service will suffice. Survey orders require a minimum purchase of 100 surveys.

Download the Attitudes and Behaviors Paper Order Form

For questions around planning of the survey administration, please see the Administration Manual.

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