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Once you have completed your administration, please submit the correct report request form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use paper surveys?
You may request paper DAP or YAPS surveys from Search Institute to be used for your survey administration, either in its entirety or with a combination of online surveys. The responses will then need to be entered into the online survey as if the youth themselves are taking it online.

If you are currently using the paper version of the Attitudes & Behaviors survey, please click here for more information.

Is there a specific time period that my survey must be used?
No, we will keep the links active until you tell us otherwise.

What is the cancellation policy for surveys?
If you decide to cancel your survey order there will be a $100 cancellation fee. You must cancel before administration of the survey.

What reports are included with my survey purchase?
We will produce one report for you for each site. Any reports requested after administration will cost a fee.

How do I request reports?
Once you have completed your administration, please submit the correct report request form below:

What is the minimum number of youth for a report to be generated?
A DAP or YAPS minimum requires 30 youth, while an A&B and REACH minimum is 50 youth to be able to analyze the data and create each report. Larger samples can help combat statistical inconsistencies and ensure that a representative sample of the population is surveyed. Some data fields may be suppressed or merged if there are not enough youth.

How long until I receive my report?
Typically allow one week from the date that you have submitted the correct report request form below:

Can I order another report after I’ve already returned the completed surveys?
Yes, in some cases. We cannot divide youth into cohorts unless there is an identifiable way to do so, either with their unique ID or through a demographic category.

Should I have our youth use a unique identifier when completing the survey?
It depends on your research study. If you have qualified staff to interpret these data at an individual level, and there is value for individual results in your programming, then, yes, use a unique identifier.

Can I get individually identified data?
Yes, if you used active consent and parents are aware of your intentions to use individually identifiable results. We can provide data on an individual level and it can have a specific identifier; this identifier must be entered by the young person at the time that he or she taking the survey.

Is the data secure?
Yes, the web pages are SSL encrypted and all data are stored on secure servers. Data is organized by an organization-specific number that is not identifiable outside of Search Institute.

For questions around planning of the survey administration, please see the user guides linked below.

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