Kelly Felton - Trainer


Kelly Felton is a speaker, trainer and technical assistance provider for community leaders, organizations and communities interested in positive youth development.  She has committed her career to helping youth make safe and healthy choices with a wide variety of experiences. 

She currently is the West Central Minnesota Regional Prevention Coordinator providing training and technical assistance for communities wanting to make environmental change to reduce substance abuse within their community.  Prior to this, Kelly was the Coalition Coordinator for the Working Together Coalition (WTC), located in North Central Minnesota.  As Coordinator for the WTC, Kelly lead a community coalition to engage in numerous evidence-based strategies aimed at reducing youth substance abuse and promoting positive development. As part of her efforts towards curbing substance use among youth, Kelly used Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets as a framework for all of their preventive strategies, in conjunction with evidence-based prevention practices. 

Prior to working in the prevention field, Kelly spent 5 years as a Probation Officer for Cass County, MN.  Her experience working within systems and making community connections allows her to influence community partners and systems to work together to make communities a safe and healthy place for youth.   She helps community members understand their role in reducing risky behavior while promoting protective factors.

When Kelly is not working she spends time with her husband John and their two children Logan (7) and Everly (5). They enjoy spending time together playing games or going on family adventures in Hackensack, MN.