REACH Workshop Series - October 4-6, 2016


2016-Oct-04 to 2016-Oct-06

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Status: Currently open for registration.

With ​The ​REACH ​Process ​Workshop ​Series, ​you ​will ​gain ​insight ​into ​middle ​and ​high ​school ​students’ ​character ​strengths ​that ​are ​essential ​for ​motivating ​them ​to ​become ​self-propelled ​young ​adults. ​The ​REACH ​Process ​helps ​schools ​measure ​student ​motivation ​and ​put ​in ​place ​research-based ​strategies ​for ​strengthening ​it. ​The ​letters ​in ​the ​acronym ​REACH ​summarize ​the ​components ​of ​this ​promising ​new ​model: ​Relationships, ​Effort, ​Aspiration, ​Cognition, ​and ​Heart. ​To ​learn ​more ​about ​this ​series ​visit ​​

The ​workshops ​are:
Day ​1: ​REACH: Introduction ​to ​Academic ​Motivation Workshop ​and ​Building ​Developmental ​Relationships Workshop
Day ​2: ​Increasing ​Effort Workshop ​and ​Raising ​Aspirations Workshop
Day ​3: ​Strengthening ​Cognition Workshop and ​Leveraging ​Heart Workshop

Pricing ​is ​based ​on ​the ​number ​of ​days ​attended:
$275 ​for ​any ​one ​full-day ​workshop
$495 ​for ​any ​two ​workshops
$695 ​for ​all ​three ​workshops

For ​more ​information, ​contact ​Mary ​Shrader ​at ​or ​call ​800-888-7828 ext. 526.

University of Minnesota Continuing Education and Conference Center
1890 Buford Avenue, Room 155, St. Paul, MN 55108

Registration Deadline: 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Additional Information: