What is the Value of Applied Youth Research?

What is the value of applied research to organizations that work with youth?

To answer this question, we asked some youth development professionals why they work with Search Institute. Read about the vital role Search Institute plays in the lives and work of people on the front lines of education and youth development, like Mary and Tina:

Search Institute connects research and relationship-centered approaches to community empowerment. Interact for Health decided to work with Search Institute because its research-based framework and tools help activate community-led health promotion. Search Institute’s professional staff link our local champions with solutions that don’t always cost money and do provide long-lasting positive benefits. Search Institute's ability to identify our expertise and build on it fuels our passion for growing stronger neighborhood connections.

- Mary Francis, Senior Program Officer, Interact for Health, Cincinnati, OH

Pine River-Backus School District has worked closely with Search Institute for the past five years. Search's credibility with research and their understanding of a positive behavioral approach made this an organization with which we wanted to align our school's philosophy... This is not a one-day seminar. This is a mindset change. In our school district, we have embraced the need and the follow-through that is required to continue with positive behavioral approaches and understanding the need for character development in our youth. This isn't just a school approach, but a community one.

- Tina Hanneken, Community Asset Developer, Pine River-Backus Schools, Pine River, MN

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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