Search Institute Keynotes & Workshops

Educators, youth workers, parents, and community members often share a common goal—they want to help young people succeed. Search Institute experts can help facilitate that goal through training and professional development. Search Institute also works directly with young people to help them grow as individuals and leaders.

Search Institute offers two types of workshops

    Open Enrollment Workshops bring together individuals and teams from multiple organizations in one location to learn from each other and a Search Institute facilitator. Open Workshops are held on predetermined dates at convenient locations around the United States.

    Customized Workshops feature Search Institute facilitators who travel to organizations to conduct tailored learning experiences. The sponsoring organization generally hosts the event at its facility.

Most workshops are a half day or a full day in duration, although we adapt these to fit customers’ needs. The cost of attending or sponsoring a Search Institute workshop varies, depending upon the location, the length, and the facilitator.

For information on upcoming Open Enrollment Workshops, please fill out this form. To discuss a Customized Workshop, please contact Partner Services Coordinator Mary Shrader at 800-888-7828, Ext. 526. Or fill out the Search Institute Keynotes & Workshops Intake Form, and a Search Institute representative will contact you.

For a list of Search Institute’s current workshops, please click here. Check this page often; workshops are regularly added as new studies are released and new ideas emerge.