Strengthening Family Relationships: A Workshop for Parenting Adults

Parents and families do a lot of things right when it comes to raising children. Unfortunately, parents rarely stop to think about what they’re doing right and why that really matters for their kids. Based on a new research on America’s diverse families, this workshop introduces a framework of key family strengths that highlight five dimensions of family life that really matter. Participants will learn about

  • Developmental Relationships, including ways families...
    • Express CARE
    • CHALLENGE Growth
    • Provide SUPPORT
    • Share POWER
  • Routines and Traditions
  • Community Connections

Who should attend

  • Parenting adults
  • Professionals and community members seeking to support families

During the workshop, participants will

  • Reflect on their own family’s strengths—and why they matter
  • Brainstorm how they can cultivate strengths in their families through shared activities
  • Discover resources and supports in their lives for enhancing their family’s strengths
  • Identify ways they can become advocates and leaders for themselves and their children based on their priorities and family’s strengths

As a result of this workshop, participants will

  • Be able to articulate—and celebrate—their family’s strengths.
  • Be more intentional in cultivating positive, meaningful relationships in their families and with others in the community who support and work with them.
  • Identify ways they can become advocates and leaders for themselves, other families, and their children, based on their priorities and family’s strengths.

Participants will receive

  • Print materials on family strengths and practical ideas for talking about and focusing on strengths in their own families.

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