The Developmental Relationships Workshop: Creating Connections That Help Kids Thrive

Relationships are too important to leave to chance. Educational success and social-emotional development blossom when caring adults and supportive peers are present in young people’s lives.

Search Institute has launched a major, multi-year effort to develop strategies and techniques to build positive relationships with kids. The institute’s first studies have identified five common characteristics of developmental relationships through which kids learn to strive to be their best. These qualities are

  • Express care
  • Challenge growth
  • Provide support
  • Share power
  • Expand possibilities

During the The Developmental Relationships Workshop, participants will learn practical ways to put these concepts into practice while strengthening motivation, persistence, and other skills that are essential for success in school and beyond.

Who should attend

  • Youth workers
  • Youth program leaders
  • Educators
  • Staff from family-serving organizations
  • Members of collective impact partnerships and other community coalitions

During the workshop, participants will

  • Reflect on the things they currently do—and can start to do—to build strong relationships with young people
  • Review findings from studies at Search Institute and elsewhere that demonstrate the connections between strong relationships and strong youth outcomes
  • Understand how developmental relationships build upon Search Institute’s longstanding research on Developmental Assets
  • Consider and discuss the ways that developmental relationships help young people learn to strive to be their best
  • Analyze the five core components of Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework and identify ways to integrate the concepts into their ongoing work with young people

As a result of this workshop, participants will

  • Be able to act more intentionally and strategically to strengthen relationships in their schools, programs, and families

The participants in the The Developmental Relationships Workshop will receive

  • Print materials that summarize and support implementation of Search Institute’s new Developmental Relationships Framework

The workshop is aligned with the following optional resource from Search Institute

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