Essentials of Asset Building for Trainers and Facilitators

Are you ready to spread the Developmental Asset message in your community or organization? Essentials of Asset Building offers all the necessary tools and resources to get you started. Following this two-day event, participants will be prepared to deliver two core Search Institute community-centered workshops: Everyone’s an Asset Builder and Sharing the Asset Message.

Everyone's an Asset Builder introduces the Developmental Assets® framework and the powerful role of individual asset builders in the lives of youth. This workshop will help participants

  • identify the characteristics of effective asset builders and their own personal strengths and challenges
  • understand “circles of influence” and identify those circles in which there is potential for asset building
  • and make and share a personal commitment to asset-building action

Sharing the Asset Message prepares community members and groups to deliver a variety of asset-building messages to multiple audiences. This workshop will help participants

  • discuss how the assets relate to other positive youth development efforts
  • develop engaging presentation strategies to meet the unique needs of any audience
  • and effectively use relevant presentation materials

Who should attend

  • Community coalition leaders
  • Concerned community members
  • Community organizers
  • Youth- and family-serving organization staff, particularly those involved in training staff

During the workshop, participants will

  • Be given instruction on innovative and effective training strategies
  • Receive proven resources and a complete training curriculum
  • Benefit from personal coaching from an experienced Search Institute presenter

Essentials of Asset Building Training Policy

Search Institute's Essentials of Asset Building: A Curriculum for Trainers is intended to equip trainers to promote the Developmental Assets framework in support of organizational and community-based initiatives that promote positive youth development. Trainers who complete the Essentials of Asset Building workshop may deliver workshops (Everyone's an Asset Builder and Sharing the Asset Message) to nonpaying attendees as part of their regular professional work. However, trainers are not authorized to market the Essentials of Asset Building workshop or content in an entrepreneurial fashion, nor are trainers allowed to train others to deliver the training. Essentials of Asset Building is the copyrighted property of Search Institute. All rights reserved.

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