Week Three: Soft Skills Prioritization Poll


It's week three of our month-long Soft Skills Prioritization web poll, and here are this week's results!

For the third week in a row, PERSEVERANCE is still leading as the top noncognitive skill of interest among our poll-takers. One week after our poll launched, we posted a video of Search Institute President Kent Pekel talking about perseverance, and we shared conversation starters to use with young people to initiate conversations about perseverance.

This week, we'll take a deeper look at this important noncognitive skill. Watch the video below to see Kent Pekel ask his three children, Adam, Lauren and Victoria, about perseverance, and then read this blog post about "grit" written by Becky Post, Director of Content Development at Search Institute.


Read Becky's Blog: What I Learned about Grit from 3 Leaders >>

Comment below! Let us know how you teach/model/foster perseverance for the young people in your life.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Oh no! That's a shame. I will see if I can improve the audio for future videos. Thanks for letting us know!

- Samantha MacDonald, Online Parent Engagement Coordinator, Search Institute


You can hear the adult but not understand the qustions. The youth either or not talking into a mike or the volume is too low. I turned every volume knob available up, but could not understand anything the youth said.