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Join Search Institute at nFocus Solutions' 4th annual Communities for Change leadership symposium, which will be held October 23-25 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Each year, decision makers from city governments, nonprofits, schools, educational institutions, and community improvement initiatives convene at this premier conference to network and explore ways to get to the bottom of complex social problems affecting their citizens today.  Communities for Change 2013 also features a variety of accomplished speakers who will address top-of-mind education and youth development issues.

RoehlkepartainThis year, Gene Roehlkepartain, Vice President of Research and Development, will present the following sessions at the leadership symposium:

Thursday, October 24, 10 - 10:45 a.m.
Getting Relationships Right: A Missing Key to High-Impact Education and Youth Work

What is it about the relationship that some teachers form with their students that motivates those young people to work hard and persist through difficulty? What is it about some mentoring or peer relationships that help young people develop powerful life goals? What is it about some parent-child relationships that help the kids develop initiative? In other words, what is it about these relationships that helps youth thrive? A growing body of research shows what great teachers and youth workers intuitively know: high-quality relationships are key to high-impact education and youth programs. This session will introduce new Search Institute research on developmental relationships, which identifies key traits of relationships that make a difference. Participants in this interactive session will:

  • Learn what makes relationships “developmental”—and powerful.
  • Examine the power of developmental relationships for education and thriving.
  • Explore practical ways to focus on building developmental relationships in your school, program, families, and community.

Thursday, October 24, 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Measuring What Matters: Integrating Noncognitive Skills into Your Benchmarks and Assessments

In the midst of the current buzz about why noncognitive or “soft” skills really matter for young people’s success in life, the conversation often gets stuck when someone says, “Well, you can’t really measure that stuff.” In fact, you can. And when you do, it can yield valuable insights for planning, improvement, and engagement in your program or collective impact initiative.Drawing on Search Institute’s decades of survey research with millions of youth around the world, this session will:

  • Highlight new research that reveals the power of noncognitive factors in student success.
  • Illustrate how programs, networks, and collective impact initiatives are measuring and building noncognitive skills to increase their relevance and impact.
  • Learn practical ways to start integrating noncognitive skills into your measurement systems.

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Communities for Change 2013 is taking place at the Hilton Omaha - just a few blocks away from the City's historic Old Market! Enjoy close proximity to restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment. Hotel reservations are handled separately from event registration. Please click here to reserve your room today using the group code NFS.

Click here to see a full agenda of the Communities for Change 2013 leadership symposium.


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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