Work with Search Institute

Our work involves extensive research studies as well as partnerships with communities, schools, and organizations to align the relationships, supports, and strengths that young people need for success in learning and life. Here are some of the most frequently sought-after Search Institute products and services.

Research Resources

For over five decades, Search Institute has conducted research in an effort to understand young people, their communities, and the people who influence them. This research includes ground-breaking studies on child and adolescent development, family life, and community and social change. A critical element in this research is to link supports, strengths, and skills—sometimes called non-cognitive factors—to critical priorities in society, including educational success, prevention of high-risk behaviors, and readiness for diverse options for college, careers, and citizenship that align with a young person’s capacities, opportunities, passions, and purpose. Use the following links to explore our research archive.

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Since 1989, Search Institute has been creating surveys with a focus on positive youth development. Over the years we’ve expanded our services to meet the variety of measurement needs expressed by our global partners in schools and communities. Find out more about each of the surveys we offer.

For more information on surveys, visit the Surveys section of our website.


Search Institute Press® is the publishing division of Search Institute. We publish books for adults who work with youth, including parents and parenting professionals, educators, youth-serving professionals, prevention professionals, after-school caregivers, and other caring adults who seek to make their communities better places for children and youth to grow up healthy. Select a category below to explore our publications catalog.

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Keynotes & Workshops

Key Search Institute team members are available to offer keynotes and workshops for conferences, professional development, and other settings. Each presenter draws on his or her own expertise and Search Institute’s research base, bringing you the latest insights from our research and development efforts. Click on the links below to learn more about bringing a Search Institute expert to your organization or community.

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Other Resources

  • ParentFurther: a Search Institute Resource for Families - Help families take a positive, strength-based approach to parenting that focuses on what kids and parents are doing right instead of what they’re doing wrong. Easy-to-use advice and tools teach families how to put research into action with small, everyday steps to help kids succeed.
  • Search Institute E-mails - Receive our latest news, research, presentations, tools, stories, and more.
  • Bank It - Bank It delivers real-world financial topics and tools for children, teens and parents that make it easier to understand, talk about and manage money.
  • Grant-Writing Resources - Much of the work that is done in the positive youth development field—whether it’s in communities, schools, organizations, or government—is funded by grants. We’ve provided the resources below to help you craft effective grant proposals that use the latest research from Search Institute.