Everyone’s an Asset Builder

Research with millions of young people shows the power of people from all walks of life committing to do what they can to support all young people’s success. This workshop is the perfect way to build public will and engagement for your collective impact and other community-building efforts.

Download the Everyone’s an Asset Builder Fact Sheet

Who should attend

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Mentors
  • Neighbors
  • Youth workers
  • Community leaders

During this workshop, participants will

  • Understand the strengths and supports that are essential for young people’s success in school, work, and life, based on Search Institute’s research on Developmental Assets
  • Identify qualities of individuals who play powerful roles in young people’s lives
  • Discover opportunities in their everyday lives for making a positive difference
  • Make personal commitments to take action to support youth success

Format: Full-day Workshop


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