What’s Up with Our Kids?

This highly engaging presentation is intended for organizations that have administered a Search Institute survey and would like to share the results of the survey with a broad group of stakeholders. A Search Institute facilitator will present those results in understandable and highly engaging terms and will invite stakeholders to take action on those results. By sponsoring this presentation in your community, you will

  • Build understanding among your stakeholders of the strengths, supports, and challenges in the lives of young people
  • Increase buy-in and investment by stakeholders in a collective vision for youth success
  • Identify concrete actions each stakeholder group can take based on the survey findings

Who should attend

  • Community leaders
  • Educators
  • Religious leaders
  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Business leaders
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Youth workers

The following surveys can be used as the basis for this presentation: Attitudes and Behaviors or the Developmental Assets Profile.

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