The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) Survey

A comprehensive snapshot of the current experiences of your adolescent youth.

The Attitudes and Behaviors (A&B) survey measures eight principal asset domains: support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity.

In addition to measuring Developmental Assets, the survey also measures thriving indicators (succeeds in school, helps others, values diversity, maintains good health, exhibits leadership, resists danger, delays gratification, overcomes adversity), developmental deficits (alone at home, TV overexposure, physical abuse, victim of violence, drinking parties), risk-taking behaviors (e.g., substance use, sexual activity, antisocial behavior), and measurement of the Four Core Measures data required of Drug Free Communities grantees for COMET reporting.

The survey is intended to provide youth-voice data on which to base development of asset-building strategies and the creation of positive new visions and actions for the youth in your school, program, or community. The survey has become a catalyst for hundreds of communities, schools, programs, and coalitions to implement these actions and see the growth within their youth.

In addition to its use as a community mobilization tool for building Developmental Assets, the survey also has been used to:

  • Assist state and local educators in monitoring indicators related to student well-being;
  • Set priorities and strategies for programs and services;
  • Provide a common framework for cross-sector collaboration;
  • Provide data for grant writing;
  • Provide data for reports to funding agencies; and
  • Provide a “youth voice” in organizational and community planning.

Each A&B package:

Always includes:

  • Assessments for each participating youth
  • Thorough user guide for planning your survey administration
  • In-depth aggregate reports to guide your data utilization

Optionally includes:

  • Sub-reports based on a specific cohort of youth, determined by you
  • Raw data
  • Technical Assistance, Consulting, Workshops, or Presentations

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