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  Your donation of any amount can help Search Institute continue to do as much as we possibly can to prepare young people for life. And you can feel good knowing that your contribution will be used well to address the issues you care about most.  

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Kent Pekel, President and CEO, Search Institute

If you would rather donate via personal check or money order, please make contributions payable to Search Institute. Mail to: Search Institute Attn: Donations 615 First Avenue NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

Why Donate to Search Institute?

At Search Institute, we depend on your purchases, grant dollars, and charitable donations to help us discover what kids need to succeed. There are thousands of nonprofit organizations seeking your donations—why choose Search Institute?

  • Search Institute understands what kids need to succeed. Search Institute understands that kids today must master skills like reading, math, and science at higher levels than ever before. Yet success in the 21st century also requires mastery of “soft” skills such as motivation, collaboration, and self-regulation. Through research instruments and initiatives, Search works to make those “soft skills” hard.
  • We care about kids — anywhere and everywhere. We are addressing the toughest problems facing young people today, from working to turn around low-performing schools to studying and promoting positive youth development in some of the poorest nations in Africa.
  • We work to ensure young people are receiving the strengths and supports they need both in--and outside-- of school. Over the past decade, most of the national discussion about improving education has focused solely on schools. At Search Institute, we know that kids spend only 15% of their lives at school. So we study and work with families and communities to increase educational success.
  • Search Institute’s work is backed by good research. We conduct top-notch scholarly research, but we always seek to translate that research into tangible tools and strategies that people who work directly with kids can use to help them succeed.
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    More Ways to Contribute

    Monetary donations are just one way to support Search Institute's work. Here are even more ways to show your support and get involved.

  • Some people shop in our store because our resources help them connect with kids.
  • Visit the Search Institute Store >>
  • Some foundations and companies give us grants to support the research we conduct in the United States and around the world.
  • Learn more about Search Institute's Funding Partners >> To learn more about becoming a strategic or funding partner, contact us.
  • You can learn more about our work and share it with the educators, parents, and leaders in your community.
  • Learn more about our Developmental Assets work >> Learn more about our exciting new research study on Developmental Relationships >> Learn how you can partner with us to improve adult-youth engagement in your community >> Visit, Search Institute's Resource for Parents >> Stay Connected Sign up to receive e-news updates >> Connect with us on Facebook >> Connect with us on Twitter >> Regardless of your reason for supporting our work, we appreciate it very much. Click here to make your monetary contribution to help us continue “discovering what kids need to succeed.”