Soft Skills Prioritization Poll Results

Our month-long Soft Skills Prioritization Poll is now closed. Thank you for your interest and participation.

Presented below are the final results of the poll. The poll was intended to gauge the interest of youth-serving professionals and other interested parties in measuring the kinds of "soft" skills that are sometimes described as noncognitive, sometimes as social-emotional, and still other times as psychosocial.

I am primarily responding to this survey based on my work with young people through...

Please tell us how interested your school, youth program, family, or community would be in using a valid, reliable, practical, and cost-effective survey that measured each of the following noncognitive skills.

Scale: In the following scale, a 5 indicates extreme interest in measuring the identified noncognitive skill and a 1 indicates no interest in measuring the identified noncognitive skill.

There have been 1782 submissions of this form.

Below are the results of our poll broken down by the capacity in which respondents most often work with young people.

Want to do more to help us get the word out about the importance of noncognitive skills in young people's lives? Here's how you can help:

1. Learn about Search Institute's research-based surveys that provide valid and reliable measures of many key noncognitive skills by clicking here.
2. Download a PDF of our Noncognitive Conversation Starters: Questions for Young People about the Soft Skills for Success to pass along or use with the young people in your life.
3. Use the comment field below to comment on, or raise questions about, the results.