Create Culture Change this School Year

If you aspire to improve the culture of your school or program, take a look at our back-to-school savings on these three recently-published books.

The Right to Be Safe: Putting an End to Bullying Behavior
The Right to Be SAFE
by Cricket Meehan, Ph.D.
From individual interventions to school- and district-wide programs, this comprehensive approach covers all aspects of bullying behavior and its consequences, and offers the information needed to keep all kids safe in a more positive environment.
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Keeping the Arts AliveKeeping the Arts Alive: Creating and Sustaining Youth Programs that Matter
by Kristin A. Rapp
Based on compelling research, this book not only explains why arts education is vital, but it also provides tools and resources to help readers develop and maintain sustainable arts programs.
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Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity: A Toolkit for Secondary Schools
Creating a Culture of Academic Integrityby David B. Wangaard, Ed.D., and Jason M. Stephens, Ph.D.
This book provides tools, resources, and strategies to improve students’ sense of scholastic integrity and help them resist cheating.
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New price $18.95
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Keeping the arts alive is a top read

we've seen it again and again - the effects of arts education on almost every student we come into contact with. Ours is a lucky situation to be in - organising theatre trips, workshops and tours around London West End theatres and we recognise that is not possible for every child, but a trip to a local theatre and a chat with an actor, designer, director or choreographer can be a gateway to the rest of a young student's life!
Some of our student's favourite itineraries can be found here

Kids safety

Thanks for posting this article!
Kids safety is number one thing in the whole wide world. As a parent I am always worried where my child is. A friend of my recommended me BWatch for kids. I gave it a try and I have to tell is the best thing i have ever bought. Now I can rest knowing where my child is at all times.
You can see what I mean here