Rabbits & Relationships

Using a passage from the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit to illustrate the idea, Dr. Kent Pekel tells the annual meeting of Camp Fire Minnesota why developmental relationships are the missing piece in education reform and young people's success.


On Monday, May 20th, Camp Fire held their 2013 Annual Meeting at Microsoft Corporation in Edina, MN. The meeting featured a keynote address by Dr. Pekel on the importance of developmental relationships for today's youth. Click here to learn how you can bring Dr. Pekel or any of Search Institute's experts to your next event.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

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Relationships built in Building Assets After-school Program

We are doing this. Our surveys are showing continued improvement especially in relationships with peers (K-5th) which had a remarkable increase. We are putting a lot of emphasis this year on sibling relationships since that is where our surveys show more improvement is needed. We have siblings (including extended families) together in our program for that reason. Can send you one of our surveys. We are currently working on the results of our survey given at the end of this school year.

Hi Shelly,

Hi Shelly,
We encourage you to get in touch with our survey representative, Justin, for more information. You may contact him here: 800-888-7828 ext. 510 . Thank you for your feedback!