Boosting Student Perseverance: A Measurable Goal

The Perseverance ProcessSchools, youth programs, and families share a similar goal: they all want to see young people succeed. That is why increasing student perseverance skills continues to be an important strategic focus at Search Institute.

Search Institute is actively developing the Perseverance Process, an evidence-based solution to increase young people’s capacity to work through distractions and challenges. Find out more about this process below:

  • Our latest document on the Perseverance Process outlines the new Perseverance Survey which will provide valid and reliable data to help build young people’s skills to STICK TO IT when challenges and problems arise. Download now >>
  • Search Institute has sponsored several free webinars on perseverance. We invite you to review our archived webinars (here, here, and here) and find out more about how families, educators, and youth program professionals can start increasing young people’s ability to persevere. Watch now >>


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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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It has to be a difficult lt job to help all students succeed. There is so much diversity in ability and how each one learns. Most people have a subject that they enjoy and excel. Maybe we should focus more on that.

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