Week Two Soft Skills Prioritization Poll Results and Conversation Starters for "Emotional Competence"


Our month-long Soft Skills Prioritization web poll is still going strong! Here are the results from week two:

PERSEVERANCE is still leading as the top noncognitive skill of interest amongst our poll-takers, but EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE is only trailing by a few votes. Since we focused on perseverance last week, we'd like to focus on emotional competence this week.

Emotional Competence is the capacity to experience and express feelings in ways that are appropriate and effective in a given situation as well as the capacity to understand and sympathize with the feelings and experiences of others. Qualities that illustrate emotional competence include empathy, emotion management, self-awareness, and social awareness.

Watch the video below to see Search Institute President and CEO Kent Pekel ask his three children, Adam, Lauren and Victoria, a question from our list of Noncognitive Conversation Starters. These conversation starters can be downloaded after taking the Soft Skills Prioritization Poll. Get your own copy of the Noncognitive Conversation Starters by taking the Soft Skills Prioritization poll, here.

We encourage you to use the questions below to start conversations about emotional competence with young people.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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