New Workshop Focuses on Motivation and Persistence

If you work with young people—either in schools or youth programs—you know that many kids lack the motivation and persistence to complete challenging tasks. Fortunately, research shows that when schools, youth programs, and families act intentionally to influence motivation and persistence, it is possible to increase both.

Search Institute’s new workshop, The Perseverance Process: Strategies for Strengthening Academic Motivation and Persistence, will give you a framework to:

  • think about perseverance more intentionally
  • understand how to put innovative research into practice
  • and be prepared to utilize strategies for strengthening perseverance that have led to improved outcomes in experimental studies and other research.

Search Institute is creating a new resource called The Perseverance Process. The process, for schools and out-of-school time programs, distills the research on motivation and persistence into a set of explicit and actionable strategies.

The process is captured in the acronym STICK TO IT:

The Perseverance Process

 During the workshop, participants will

  • analyze the levels of motivation and persistence that young people in their school or program demonstrate
  • review a set of factors that studies have shown influence motivation and persistence
  • explore the set of strategies for strengthening motivation and persistence that are captured through the acronym STICK TO IT
  • brainstorm and share ideas for utilizing the STICK TO IT strategies in their schools and programs

For more information about how to bring The Perseverance Process workshop to your school or organization, please contact Partner Services Coordinator Mary Shrader at 800-888-7828, Ext. 526.


Publish Date: 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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