Show Kids You Care by Helping Them Make Decisions

Tag, You're It!: 50 Easy Ways to Connect with Young PeopleYoung people are constantly expected to make big decisions. What classes should they take? How do they handle peer pressure? What will they do when high school is out for summer or even over for good? It’s their job to sort out the questions, but you can help by showing them how to make decisions wisely.

As Kathleen Kimball-Baker explains in her book, Tag, You’re It! 50 Easy Ways to Connect with Young People, some people seem to reach decisions easily, while others wrestle with them.

How do the young people in your life make decisions? Do they see things only as black-or-white choices? Or do they ponder endlessly, afraid of making the wrong decision? Either way, they can learn from you how you make decisions. Do you:

  • Make a list of pros and cons, then see which is longer?
  • Set a time limit for mulling, then go with your gut feeling?
  • Create mental scenarios of the results of possible choices?
  • Check in with a few trusted friends to get their opinions?
  • Write down all your questions about the decision, then seek more information?

Has the way you make decisions changed over time, as you have gained experience or maturity? Start a discussion with the young people in your life about how you make decisions and help them develop the skills they need to become good decision makers.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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