It’s the final countdown…

There are 4 days left to help fund The Perseverance Process: A Practical Guide to Help Young People Stick to It.

At Search Institute, we believe that young people have the potential to succeed in academics, jobs, athletics, the arts—and in life! Many young people need guidance in understanding their "sparks"—those activities that really capture their interests and passions. They also need help recognizing obstacles and figuring out how to overcome challenges that can derail their plans and aspirations.

The Perseverance Process, a new book, will address these issues and so much more. In the following video, Search Institute President and CEO Dr. Kent Pekel talks about what information the book will include to help motivate young people.

Sixty-eight funders have contributed $7,845 to our Perseverance Process campaign so far. That puts us at 39 percent of our goal to raise $20,000 to support the development and writing of an innovative book to help young people STICK TO IT.

Help us meet our goal and choose one of our perks—like an e-book or a signed copy of the book—as a thank you gift.

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Publish Date: 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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