5 Great Reasons to Check Out Our Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

As measuring noncognitive skills becomes a priority for schools and youth programs, Search Institute youth surveys are more important than ever. Here are five great reasons to check out our Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors Survey.

1) It measures noncognitive skills… and so much more

Search Institute Survey ServicesThe A&B survey assesses young people's key noncognitive skills, as well as their external supports and internal strengths, high-risk behaviors, thriving indicators, and deficits. The A&B measures:

  • the 40 Developmental Assets®,
  • 24 risk behaviors,
  • 10 high-risk behavior patterns,
  • 5 developmental deficits, and
  • 8 thriving indicators.

2) It’s been used with nearly 4 million young people

For the past two decades, Search Institute has been one of the world leaders in designing and using surveys to hear young people’s voices and to provide them with what they need to succeed. The A&B can be used with youth in urban, suburban, and rural settings to answer questions about attitudes, school climate, boundaries and expectations, structured time use, and behaviors.

3) It comes with a handy comprehensive report

The easy to understand 107-page aggregate report helps guide your post-survey planning. The report includes all of your data at the item level, as well as breakdowns by gender and grade. Want to go deeper with your data? You can also bring a Search Institute facilitator to your community to present your survey results to stakeholders.

4) It’s got a new low price

We have made the A&B more affordable than ever. The survey is just $3 per youth if administered to less than 1,000 young people and $2 per youth if administered to 1,000 or more young people. The comprehensive report is also included in this cost.

5) It’s a great tool for Drug Free Community Grantees

Whether you are a recent Drug Free Community (DFC) grantee or established grantee, the A&B offers everything you need to be in compliance with the standards set in 2012 by the Center of Substance Abuse Prevention. The A&B is formatted in a way that makes COMET reporting extremely simple, and survey results reflect the Four Core Measures.

The Attitudes and Behaviors survey is suitable for youth in grades 6-12. To learn more about using the A&B survey with the young people in your school or program, contact a Resource Specialist at 800-888-7828 ext. 526 or surveys@search-institute.org.

Publish Date: 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

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