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It's week three of our month-long Soft Skills Prioritization web poll, and here are this week's results!

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-28


Our month-long Soft Skills Prioritization web poll is still going strong! Here are the results from week two:

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-22


Join Search Institute at nFocus Solutions' 4th annual Communities for Change leadership symposium, which will be held October 23-25 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-20

By: Becky Post

A friend of mine had taught kindergarten for years. I remember her talking about the parents of one particularly disruptive little boy. At a parent conference, the parents were barely concerned with their son’s behavior. To this teacher’s dismay, what really concerned these parents was, Is my child smart? These particular parents did not seem to realize that many qualities, besides intelligence, contribute to a child’s overall success in school.

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-16

Last week, we launched a new month-long web poll to help us learn which "soft skills" parents, educators, and youth program leaders are most interested in helping kids develop. As promised, the results from our first week are in! See this week's poll results here.

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-13

By: Gene Roehlkepartain

August 12 is International Youth Day, and this year we have something to celebrate. For decades, the dominant and sometimes only story about children, youth, and families in developing countries has been about the latest crisis or the poverty, disease, and hunger that can consume their lives. Those hardships are only part of the story, but these problems have grabbed headlines—and raised money for charities.

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-12


Many educators and youth program leaders are talking about the importance of helping kids develop “soft skills” like motivation, optimism, or persistence. If you could focus on helping kids develop one of these numerous soft skills―also called noncognitive skills or social emotional skills―which would you choose?

Publish Date: 2013-Aug-05

Jim Conway, Search Institute's Senior Trainer, recently paid a visit to Search's home office in Minneapolis, MN. We had a chance ask him a few questions about how he got started as a professional trainer. He also talked about what makes him passionate about the training process as well as why he's passionate about Search Institute's work.

Publish Date: 2013-Jul-24


By: Kent Pekel

In the days since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial and especially following President Obama’s slow and deliberate description of how the most powerful man in the world was once followed in stores and heard car locks clicking as he walked across streets because of his race, I have thought often of the singular encounter I have had with racial profiling during the 45 years I have spent on this earth as a white man.

Author: Kent Pekel    Publish Date: 2013-Jul-22

Using a passage from the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit to illustrate the idea, Dr. Kent Pekel tells the annual meeting of Camp Fire why developmental relationships are the missing piece in education reform and young people's success.

Publish Date: 2013-Jun-17