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By Dr. Kent Pekel
The 2013-14 school year is well underway, and teachers across America are engaged in writing report cards to document their students’ progress.

Author: Kent Pekel    Publish Date: 2013-Nov-26

November and December have to be the most creative months of the year, but the arts need to be cultivated all year long.

Publish Date: 2013-Nov-20

If you could use a quick reminder of why caring for young people is always worth your time, meet these kindergarteners.

Publish Date: 2013-Nov-13

A big emphasis is placed on a child’s intelligence. Despite our interest in how “smart” a child might be, we also know that intelligence does not always ensure success in school and life.

Publish Date: 2013-Nov-07

Within the next decade, some type of post-secondary education will be required in 63 percent of all jobs in the United States and in 90 percent of growing industries with high wages, according to the National High School Center at the American Institutes for Research. Those statistics may not be surprising, but the gap between students’ aspirations to attend college and their actual completion rates raises concerns. Read more >>

Publish Date: 2013-Oct-30

Halloween seems to bring out the kid in people of all ages, making it the perfect opportunity to build positive connections in neighborhoods and communities.

Publish Date: 2013-Oct-23

As measuring noncognitive skills becomes a priority for schools and youth programs, Search Institute youth surveys are more important than ever. Here are five great reasons to check out our Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors Survey.

Publish Date: 2013-Oct-17

In recognition of National Bullying Prevention month, we are sharing some highlights from Dr. Cricket Meehan's book, The Right to Be Safe: Putting an End to Bullying Behavior.

Publish Date: 2013-Oct-07

Schools and communities are crucial training grounds for young people to learn about helping others, but how do youth become good citizens?

Publish Date: 2013-Sep-25

The results of Search Institute’s Soft Skills Prioritization Poll are in!

Nearly 1,800 people responded, with many people commenting on how enthusiastic they are about strengthening young people’s noncognitive skills.

Publish Date: 2013-Sep-11