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Watching kids and families suffer from trauma led Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO) to develop a treatment culture that not only treats trauma, but also promotes healing and resiliency.

Publish Date: 2014-Feb-12

Young people are constantly expected to make big decisions. It’s their job to sort out the questions, but you can help by showing them how to make decisions wisely.

Publish Date: 2014-Feb-05

Whether you are a new or experienced mentor to young people, you know that it takes time to develop a bond of trust.

Publish Date: 2014-Jan-30

Like all relationships, the bonds formed while mentoring youth are subject to change and growth. Read about the six stages in the mentoring “life cycle” that mentors often encounter when working with young people.

Publish Date: 2014-Jan-22

A new Search Institute working paper seeks to stimulate a fresh conversation about community engagement, particularly when focused on post-secondary success for young people from diverse backgrounds.

Publish Date: 2014-Jan-16

Nearly 11 million American volunteers engage in some type of youth mentoring each year, according to authors Gail Manza and Susan K. Patrick, who wrote The Mentor's Field Guide: Answers You Need to Help Kids Succeed.

Publish Date: 2014-Jan-09

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For the past few months, Dr. Kent Pekel, President and CEO of Search Institute, has presented a series of webinars on helping young people cultivate habits of perseverance to achieve academic and life goals. In Dr. Pekel's final webinar of this series, Persevering Despite Obstacles, participants will learn how to help young people maintain their momentum.

Publish Date: 2014-Jan-02

Small gestures can make all the difference. That’s what's behind Search Institute’s classic poster, 150 Ways to Show Kids You Care.

Publish Date: 2013-Dec-17

Working with young people from a strength-based approach can have contagious results. That's what staff members have discovered at Texas-based Williamson County Juvenile Services (WCJS).

Publish Date: 2013-Dec-11

With a little patience and planning, the holidays can be used to nurture many aspects of the developmental foundation that kids need to succeed.

Publish Date: 2013-Dec-05