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Relationships are too important to leave to chance. Search Institute's newest research-to-practice initiative focuses on studying and strengthening the developmental relationships that help young people succeed.

Publish Date: 2014-Apr-28

When kids know you care, they're motivated to keep coming back. That's exactly why the staff of Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) in Columbus, Ohio, adopted the Developmental Assets as a framework for working with youth.

Publish Date: 2014-Apr-24

Building on 25 years of research on positive youth development, Search Institute's new work focuses on developmental relationships and other factors that help young people strive to be their best in school and life. That research has led to the creation of a new survey that measures key components of perseverance and related noncognitive skills.

Publish Date: 2014-Apr-16

Search Institute appreciates the thousands of teachers and administrators that give their all to make a difference in the lives of students.

Publish Date: 2014-Apr-10

We invite you to participate in this day-long Perseverance Process workshop conducted by Search Institute President and CEO, Dr. Kent Pekel in the Twin Cities on August 14, 15, 19, or 20.

Publish Date: 2014-Apr-03

If you work with young people—either in schools or youth programs—you know that many kids lack the motivation and persistence to complete challenging tasks.

Publish Date: 2014-Mar-27

Working Together CoalitionA community can’t reduce youth substance abuse if parents don’t see it as a problem.

Publish Date: 2014-Mar-20

Gene-Roehlkepartain Join Dr. Gene Roehlkepartain for this free webinar on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 12PM - 1PM, CDT.

Publish Date: 2014-Mar-12

You have a lot to offer children and youth—even if you don’t have much time or money. The most valuable asset you have is you.

Publish Date: 2014-Mar-05

Join us for a powerful two-day event that will prepare you to share the Developmental Assets® message in your community or organization.

Publish Date: 2014-Feb-19