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Parent-Teacher Conference Tips for Teachers

engage families as partners

At many schools across the United States, it’s parent-teacher conference time.

Although being able to collaborate with parents is important, conference night can sometimes leave both parties feeling like they were unable to have a productive meeting due to the rushed nature and limited timeframe of the event.

Search Institute’s work with families has given us some insights on how to help teachers make the exchange on conference night more productive.

Our President and CEO, Kent Pekel, has tips for teachers who hope to make the most out of conferences in this video:

Expectations and Assumptions: A White Man’s Experience With Racial Profiling


By: Kent Pekel

In the days since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial and especially following President Obama’s slow and deliberate description of how the most powerful man in the world was once followed in stores and heard car locks clicking as he walked across streets because of his race, I have thought often of the singular encounter I have had with racial profiling during the 45 years I have spent on this earth as a white man.

Investing, Finally, in the "Third R" — Relationships

By: Kent Pekel

Anyone who has lived or worked with young people (or, for that matter, who has been one) is likely to have experienced the value of developmental relationships. Yet the components of those relationships are not widely understood, and few schools, programs, or communities have systematically sought to measure and strengthen their presence or absence in young people’s lives.

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