Eric Kalenze

Putting Your Students’ Academic Motivation Within REACH

By Eric Kalenze, Director of Education Solutions

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Based on the kind notes so many readers have sent over the past couple of months, it’s becoming clear that (1) there’s some strong interest in how to effectively improve young people’s academic motivation and (2) REACH’s way of breaking down and addressing motivation’s complex nature is providing some useful starting points and insights.

We’re especially glad that this blog space is providing useful information--both about how REACH works and about how educators (and administrators) are currently using REACH in their schools. Thanks, all, for reading and for engaging!


Shifting to the how of REACH

As school leaders are increasingly considering whether REACH fits into their school-improvement efforts, today’s post will shift away from REACH’s what and why to concentrate more specifically on REACH’s how.

Building Effective Teacher-Student Relationships in Our Divided Time: Using the Developmental Relationships Framework as a Guide

talking with students about inauguration

Over the course of 2016’s presidential election, political conversation reached levels of volume and vitriol we’d not been accustomed to seeing. Worse, though we’ve reached President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration day, the dust kicked up by the election battles seems to be far from settled: horrifically, close to a thousand cases of hateful harassment or intimidation were reported across the U.S. within days of the November 8 election, and the political conflicts and controversies have only increased in the intervening months.

In the midst of it all, one can’t help sensing that the many of the lines dividing Americans are getting carved deeper and wider.

How Positive Teacher-Student Relationships Impact Student Motivation

student motivation, positive relationships, developmental relationships

So...‘Relationships are important’? Tell us something we don’t know. Right?

Actually making the relationships happen, though, is another matter altogether. Without some specific strategies for making relationships happen or that give a little more certainty of direction, teachers who may struggle building good relationships with students are still left hanging by this kind of vague advice. Eric Kalenze talks about what you can do to make building developmental relationships easier.

Keys to Student Motivation

student motivation

I’ll start by saying how thrilled I am to be part of Search Institute’s efforts to strengthen student motivation through research-supported insights and instructional strategies. Throughout my education career, which has included work in teaching, administration, and research/writing, I’ve gotten to know how important academic student motivation is to all of our success.

I’ve also gotten to know how difficult and crucial student motivation is to get right. So I’m happy to be working with so many educators on just these questions.

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